Höstsonaten live at Genova on October 2016 the 22nd

The symphonic progressive rock group founded by Fabio Zuffanti – featuring Daniele Sollo on electric basses – will be on stage at Genova on October 2016 the 22nd. The show starts at 21.00 and it features a dance performance plus an opening concert by Consorzio Acqua Potabile, an Italian progressive rock group founded by Alvaro Fella (lead singer of Italian prog rock Jumbo).14711196_1310604182292383_1494269757416542107_o

An interesting review on Ages of Rock about Höstsonaten

An interesting review about Symphony n.1: Cupid & Psyche was written by Massimo Mascellani on Ages of Rock, an Italian progressive rock webzine (text in Italian and English languages).

A quattro anni di distanza l’inesauribile Fabio Zuffanti rimette mano al progetto Höstsonaten ; ispirato dalla favola di Apuleio il nuovo lavoro, ottavo della serie ed interamente strumentale, si intitola infatti Symphony#1: Cupid & Psyche ed è pubblicato da AMS Records.

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New album by Höstsonaten showcase on April 2016, the 1st

The new album by Höstsonaten, called “Symphony #1: Cupid & Psyche” and featuring Daniele Sollo on bass, will be shown at Z-Fest, a special event with Fabio Zuffanti and other guests. This event will take place on April 2016, the 1st at Legend Club in Milan. Only at this event, a special edition of the album can be purchased.



Interview by Italian journalist Athos Enrile of music webzine MAT2020

MAT2020 is an Italian music webzine about prog-rock. Daniele Sollo had an interview with Athos Enrile, journalist of MAT2020. In this interview, Daniele Sollo speaks about his musical formation, his work and how he thinks about music. You can read the interview clicking here or here.

New release

This summer, a new collaboration with progressive-rock keyboardist Jason Rubenstein has begun. Daniele Sollo asked him to compose a piece of music for him. As result, a new composition for bass has been written. This tune is the second single’s title track and it’s called Turn left. The new single by Daniele Sollo – released on November the 8th – is now available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon MP3Package-fronte