Interview by Italian journalist Athos Enrile of music webzine MAT2020

MAT2020 is an Italian music webzine about prog-rock. Daniele Sollo had an interview with Athos Enrile, journalist of MAT2020. In this interview, Daniele Sollo speaks about his musical formation, his work and how he thinks about music. You can read the interview clicking here or here.

New release

This summer, a new collaboration with progressive-rock keyboardist Jason Rubenstein has begun. Daniele Sollo asked him to compose a piece of music for him. As result, a new composition for bass has been written. This tune is the second single’s title track and it’s called Turn left. The new single by Daniele Sollo – released on November the 8th – is now available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon MP3Package-fronte

New release

On August the 24th has been released by Mellow Records the Pink Floyd-tribute compilation “Echoes of Secrets”. In this album there is a beautiful version by Luca Scherani of “See Emily play”. Daniele Sollo plays fretless bass on this tune. This track features: Fabio Zuffanti on vocals; Luca Scherani on keyboards, Mau Di Tollo on drums and Matteo Nahum on guitars. The entire album is available for digital download clicking the image below.



Alessandro Leone written an interesting review on Unprogged webzine

On Unprogged, an Italian Progressive Rock webzine, you can read an interesting review written by Alessandro Leone of Progressive World about 11-IX-1683 single.

Daniele Sollo ha sempre avuto un ruolo preponderante fin dai tempi della sua Prog band VisionAir, a livello compositivo e melodico. Il suo è un basso che “si sente” come si sentono anche le sue principali influenze: Chris Squire e Jaco Pastorius. Anche qui scelte coraggiose.